LDBD – UFO follow up

dress, LBD, handmadeLDBD, LBD, dress, UFO

It was nice to have very short break from FB, Twitter, etc… at least I picked up on old project – my UFO – Little Dark Blue Dress.
The advantage (or maybe disadvantage) of blogging is that you can really look back when where you busy with the projects. This one I started in November 2012 so it is really time to finish it. As the weather is getting better it would be found to have this dress ready.

I added my glass buckle to the front for which I had to undo the front part of the dress.

glass buckle, dress accessory, LDBD, dress

I connected front to back and lining. I have noticed that I have forgotten to top-stitch the armhole so now I will do this by hand.

I hope to finish it this week. Maybe I will manage to take some photos as well.
As I am leaving for the weekend to Milan (IT) – for my work – I will have to pick up my other project when I am back.

Then in the end I will as well work on my new jewelry collection – it is high time to bring some freshness to my Red Point Tailor webshop.

Take care! Red Point Tailor


11 thoughts on “LDBD – UFO follow up

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    1. I am going to make more of them and use it of hats, handbags, jackets and dressess… just let me know if you would like to have one (what colour and size)… I can make one for you 😉

    2. Here’s something interesting then – you have a wee think about what colour NZ merino you would like and I’ll find you some on my next fabric purchasing trip.

  2. I love this dress and wonder if you have worn it yet now it is done? Then again I have seen on the news that the weather is, um, rather inclement in Europe presently so perhaps it is a layer piece right now?!

    1. Yes, the dress is ready – I have finished it yesterday. The button hols are almost ready – so yes, my UFO’s are almost done. I will have mental space to follow up on new projects.
      I have so many lovely fabrics that I cannot wait to work something out of them. I am doing small projects in between – just to keep good spirit 😉

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