Handwerkbeurs–Craft Fair

I was planning to sew the whole day but I forgot that I was going to go to a crafts fair in Zwolle (NL) – Handwerkbeurs.

Before I left I put on my new  top Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark) to take few photos. I think I still can make it a little shorter. I have to think about it.

Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)sewing coutur serge Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)

Here some details … a ‘heartbeat’ hem finishing… and a neck line.

Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)

Once again thanks Kim-ing for persuading me to make this top. I already see it will be wear very often – both of them – the dark blue one including … and probably I will make even more tops. You need only 70 – 80 cm fabric for it. I will look for niece fabrics during upcoming Fabric Fair – StoffenSpektakel. I am sure these fabrics will not stay long in my stash.

And then I was off to Zwolle (NL) for Handwerkbeurs. It was a lot to see there… next time I will try to go a little earlier – I know now what to expect there.

It was very inspiring. I was mostly interested in nuno felting technique. I have enough addresses for supplies – silk fabric, silk and different kind of wall. I would like to give it  try – start with small project – a scarf. It was nice to talk to people behind the projects, e.g. Ingeborg Honer-Marsch from Bodyflower, creative women from Kunstwolf and Indura. I came across beautiful scarfs, jackets and other items made of Kashmir with beautiful hand embroidering at Kashmir Heritage.
I have enough to look on the internet.

And now really I will try to finish this skirt…


6 thoughts on “Handwerkbeurs–Craft Fair

  1. Kat

    Beautiful top – I’ve seen this here and there around the bloggosphere, and it always looks great – will have to try it. Glad you had fun at the show, it’s always nice to talk to fellow enthusiasts whose eyes don’t glaze over when you start to talk sewing 🙂

    1. This is very nice pattern indeed. It can make you feel better as it is ready withing few hours – including cutting.
      Yes, correct. I was generally surpriced with the amount of exhibitors and visitors – the handwork/handcraft is coming back 🙂 I have to visit more often such shows – soon fabrc one – very dengerous for my wallet 😉

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