Stripes series

With so many ideas it is difficult to stop making new items in the HotPot.

As a result it was too late to take photos during the daylight. Fortunately Meisje has approved the setting so I was feeling much better :-).

Stripe series - soon on Etsy Meisje chekcing the setting2 Meisje chekcing the setting3 Meisje chekcing the setting4

At the end of the session both lamps refuse to work.  I will have to buy new LEDs or Halogen lamps… I have to check first.

Now only …. hmmm, only  … descriptions and I will upload the new items to Etsy shop.
I like this colour combinations and way the glass stripes fused in the HotPot creating surprising effects.

Soon on Etsy1 Soon on Etsy7 Soon on Etsy6 Soon on Etsy4 Soon on Etsy5 Soon on Etsy3   Soon on Etsy2 Soon on Etsy8