How to make Freestanding Tailor Ham


I started sewing because I wanted to save money, with a view that I can save £10 for each pair of trousers which I shortened myself. Fast forward 2 years, I have spent way more money than I should on sewing. That said, the money, effort and time spent weren’t wasted because I got a lot of satisfaction throughout. I still think of using my sewing skills to save money from making cat beds to sewing my wedding dress

Tailor ham is not cheap to buy, especially professional ones such as these from Paris. I came across instructions on making tailor ham on Adele Margolis’ vintage sewing book Fashion Sewing for Everyone before but couldn’t find saw dust at the time. Thanks to Chance of Rain’s post I made a medium sized tailor ham and seam roll with soft wood hamster bedding as filling.

Recently my local pet…

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