Sewing again…

Last few weeks I had absolutely had no desire to sew. I had good daily routine but then my sewing machine refuse to work, x-mas and new year break – it is so difficult to pick it up.
And of course I am busy with my new hobby – glass fusing in the HotPot.
There are few UFO’s waiting and looking at me with their big eyes… still nothing.
I have made nice buckles for my dress and jacket – still nothing.
I follow the blogs with all nice finished projects – still nothing.

DayToNightDrapeTop_1I think I will start with something simple – thanks to Kim-ing, who again have made nice top using the Day-To-Night Drape Top Pattern by MariaDenmark.

I have seen it before and then it already attracted my attention – but somehow I forgot about it.
This time I have immediately bought the pattern. I have already printed it – that’s all fun about it. You don’t have to wait for the post – it is PDF and you can print it immediately.

Thanks KIM! I am already filling tinkles in my hands to grab the scissors and cut a fabric.


2 thoughts on “Sewing again…

  1. punkmik

    awesome!! i am so happy to have reminded you to get the pattern! you will get a lot of wear out of the tops and make so many! beware it is addictive! 😀

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