No more sewing … sewing machine – broken

It is definitely – I cannot sew anything anymore – my sewing machine is broken Bedroefde emoticon

I have changed the needle, I have threated it once again – nothing!

I wanted to finish a skirt this weekend … it has to wait  Bedroefde emoticon.

It makes loops, it does not want transport the fabric, the thread is stuck under the bobbin.

I hope it is nothing serious and it will not take too long to have it repair.

Sewing machine making issuesSewing machine making issuesSewing machine making issuesSewing machine making issuesSewing machine making issues

I have bought this sewing machine in September 2011. It is Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203. It has a lot of nice and handy features however I hade issue with it from the beginning.

The thread is making a small loop when needle is going into a fabric. The tread is making a loops under the sewing parts as well. It is coming under the bobbin and the hook. Disaster!

5 thoughts on “No more sewing … sewing machine – broken

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  2. Looking4ReliableMachine

    Thanks for your article. It’s so hard to find a good reliable machine. I’ve scoured the internet for reviews on various brands. IT seems that all the good expensive brands – Bernina, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Juki, Janome have problems. Is there no solid reliable machine anymore that doesn’t break the bank?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am sure there is one which is still good. I am now savinb money for Bernina 530 or 580. Bernina is still produced in Europe and these two types have metal parts. Looks and feels solid.

  3. I’ve had problems with my Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 also… and I’ve only had it for 12mths. I’m thinking of buying a new Janome or a Bernina. I’m still doing some research on them so hopefully I’ll get a machine that I will love and will not have problems with.

    1. My is just repaired and I will pick it up today. I had before Emerald as well and I had no problems for 6 years (then the engine refuse to work). I hope it will be ok now… and I hope you will find good, solid sewing machine for yourself.

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