Winter jacket – few steps further…

So, it was snowing today – heavily… I was hoping for snowless winter.

The jacket is not yet ready. I was supposed to cut it on Monday but I was too tired. After all these weekends I was working, I needed to take a break. Besides my Mr. was going for his business trip, which meant a small chaos Knipogende emoticon.

When I look back I am not sorry about this as cutting was quite a big puzzle.

Jacket Butterick 5424

As I mentioned before, instead of a reversible jacket I am making the jacket with an underlined lining and a collar from different fabric. I had to first make correct lining pattern –it costs some time.
Making this all with daylight was very helpful.

Jacket Butterick 5424

Now everything is cut off and I started sewing… in the end.

The sleeves – both lining and fabric with grey cuffs – are ready.

Jacket Butterick 5424

Back – lining and fabric are ready. Jacket Butterick 5424

Front lining is almost ready – I would like to make inner-pockets as there are no other pockets in this design.

Jacket Butterick 5424Jacket Butterick 5424

Tomorrow I will attach the collar to the lining and start on pockets. I have to say I like this combination – black and silver-grey.