Bound buttonholes tutorial

I came across a very good tutorial on bound buttonholes on Internet… I will follow this method while making buttonholes for my winter jacket.

Did You Make That?

Sometimes you just need to get stuck in. You know?

In my last post about the V8548 coat, I voiced my fear about making bound buttonholes through two layers of wool and one layer of interlining. Well, some part of my brain must have been telling me: that just doesn’t sound right. I mean, how does even the most expert Sewist do a good job through all those layers? Thank goodness I went away and checked. No, Karen. You make your bound button hole through the surface layer of the coat at an early stage in the make. (A second stage opens up a slit in the lining to push the buttons through.)

This meant my need to practise became more pressing. Time to roll up my sleeves and conquer my fear!

Gertie’s bound button hole tutorial is superb. There’s nothing I can say that she hasn’t already carefully explained…

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