LBD–Pattern Review Sewing Contest

I was not sure if I start today but I have managed… I started to work on my LBD for the Pattern Review Sewing Contest.

I did not do a lot – only arrange the patterns on the fabric, noticed that I will miss some for a waistband in front… so I have to think about a solution. I have some black satin … I think it will work.

I will use the Burda pattern 7174 with small modifications. I have already adjusted the pattern to my figure using my basic bodice and skirt patterns (see my blog).

LBD Pattern Review contest

I hope I will be able to finish it on time!


5 thoughts on “LBD–Pattern Review Sewing Contest

    1. punkmik

      you can do it! 🙂 i know what it feels like though., after all the business you probably just want to sit down in the eves and relax!

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