Little Dark Blue Dress – follow up…

Step by step … I am trying to sew daily about 2 hours… I am progressing on my LDBD.

This week again I will be away for few days for my work…. lost days.

Status so far – front and back of the bodice as well as skirt is finished.


As I adjusted the patterns using my basic bodice/skirt patterns I was curious if the dress will fit. I connected all parts and tried it out… it fits ok.


I will adjust the neckline – make it a little dipper. The zipper has nice line.


Now I have to take it apart again so I could easier work on few details.

But first – the lining. All parts are cut off and connected.


First I attached the lining to the neckline. The next steps are armholes and site seams…


But this either tomorrow or next week.

I have to start my Little Black Dress for Pattern Review contest – time is running!


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