Burda retro pattern follow up…

As I am almost finished with my jacket and I am slowly preparing patterns for new garments.

I have bought this Burda retro dress pattern and I have found in my fabric stash a black fabric – perfect for my Little Black Dress! I think I have still somewhere enough lining – hmmm maybe I will use red colour?

I have never cut the patterns out but copy it using transparent pattern paper.


I took my basic patterns of bodies and skirt and check what kind of adjustments I should make.


As expected I needed to shorten the bodies 3 cm.


The same I have done with skirt. I had to shorten it but at the same time longer as I want to have a straight (pencil) skirt.


I will be a lot away in November for my work so I am not so sure when I start to work on this dress. I have joined the Pattern Review Sewing Contest – The LBD contest so I hope this will keep me going on. I will start on 1st November – so very soon – I am very excited about this!


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