Home improvements weeks

Well, it was high time to finish some unfinished business at home. The weather is pretty good, so no excuses any more.

Step by step we are covering the walls and painting them and placing a wooden plank – painting it of course and sanding and painting again.

We are almost finished and I promised myself that next week I will try to go back and sew something – simple (at the beginning).

First we had to find out the cause of leakage in the bathroom – and fix it. It was one tile who was misplaced – FIXED!


Then we moved on to covering the wall with gypsum plates and steel beam with wooden plank…


In between my husband started very interesting project in our garden … he decided to leave few spots in grass un-mowed.


We are almost at the end … still small piece is missing. I am now sending it and painting – still 1 time to go.


I cannot wait to start sewing… I am missing it…

Red Point Tailor