Red Point Tailor Etsy Shop is LIVE!

Yes! I have opened my Etsy Shop – in the end.

And what’s more – I have already few persons who likes my creations. And I have got an e-mail that one of my pendants is on a treasury list – wonderful feeling!

art deco inspired stailed glass pendant, silver chain, vintage

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It is very stimulating and inspiriting. Now the next step … little summer dress …

and of courser other projects – too many UFO’s … I will have to take few days off to be back on schedule.


About Red Point Tailor

My name is Beata, under the label Red Point Tailor I design and create unique and elegant jewellery inspired by the simplicity of the Art Deco period. My goal is to make women feel elegant, smart, feminine… and utterly fabulous! Haute Couture is my passion. In my free time I read books, make own garments or sail together with my husband.
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3 Responses to Red Point Tailor Etsy Shop is LIVE!

  1. josey jasen says:

    Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

  2. punkmik says:

    thats great! I had an etsy shop for polymer clay jewelry a few years ago! the community is great! 😀 Congrats on the shop opening!

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