Sewing weather

Well… it is still raining in the Netherlands. Actually it is a very good weather to go on with the sewing projects. The weather is not tempting to sit outside in the sun and enjoy warm, summer afternoons.

Maybe I will in the end pick up on my vpll 1912 project project. Maybe I will prepare myself for holidays and make more summer tops and dresses.

At this moment I am working on a simple dress. I have made a muslin with a fabric which probably I could call ‘vintage’ as it was bought by my mother at least 25 year ago. It is linen with printed flowers on the black (or very dark blue ) background.

vintage fabric printed flowers on the black background

I am glad I have done the muslin as I discovered some ‘discrepancies’ which I could correct. This muslin I will use as a ‘home dress’ – for future summer days 😉

I have used basic bodice and skirt block to make this basic one piece dress. It looked easy but it was not so… the front dress pattern was actually easier to make the back.

basic one piece dress

basic one piece dress

basic one piece dress

The back of the dress I had to make twice – both the pattern and the fabric. But that’s why we make muslin – to achieve perfect fit.

It was a very good exercise!

I will update this post with the finished muslin dress soon.

Here is finished one piece fitting dress. I wanted to put it on however I have so may sweaters on me to keep me warm (substitute for summer) that I decided to use my ‘second me’.

close fitting one piece dress block close fitting one piece dress block

I will now make a muslin of two pieces dress – it will be very useful for all vintage garments.