vpll 1912 project

I have joined the Vintage Pattern Lending Library 1912 Titanic Sewing Project. Let’s have fun! I still have to make choice regarding a garment I would be making.

There are interesting choices, I am thinking to make (start with) one of the following below. I have to check my fabric stash – I am sure I have somewhere something waiting to be used.

0291 – A Ladies Wrap Ladies Princess Slip #0336
A Ladies Wrap – # 0291 Ladies Princess Slip – #0336
Ladies Blouse #0335 0219 Ladies Blouse
Ladies Blouse – #0335 Ladies Blouse – #0219


6 thoughts on “vpll 1912 project

  1. Welcome to the project! Hope you have as much fun as I have been having:-) Just wish I had more time to play! I think the slip will be one of my next projects after I finish blouse 219. Then I will have almost an entire outfit!

  2. punkmik

    I have similar ones in my vpll project! I have printed the pattern for the wrap! I hope to at least start assembling the pattern soon. I am a newbie so fingers crossed. 🙂

    1. punkmik

      Oh yes, i cannot wait in a way! Just need to make sure the cat is asleep when I lie out all the pattern pieces lol

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