Short about my current project

V8161 jacket Vogue patternAt this moment I am working on a jacket (again). I am using the Vogue pattern V8161 (again) model B (again). Originally it is unlined jacked but as I prefer to have lined jackets I have adjusted it accordingly.

Underlining is in place on bodice front and back and sleeves. At this moment still I have to sew in sleeves, collar and make fake pockets. Lining is already cut off and it has to be assembly.

I like this pattern very much I have already done 3 jackets using this pattern. It suite my figure well and it is easy to combine with a dress or a skirt. Herewith all of them.

As there are no pockets and I always carry a phone or a lipstick or a tissue so I had to think about other solution.

And here it is – I am making pockets in a lining inside on both sites. You can easy carry a mobile in it and it is not visible. I found it very handy.

Vogue patterns Jacket V8161 dark blueVogue pattern Jacket V8161 brownVogue pattern Jacket V8161 grayVogue pattern Jacket V8161 violet bordo


About Red Point Tailor

My name is Beata, under the label Red Point Tailor I design and create unique and elegant jewellery inspired by the simplicity of the Art Deco period. My goal is to make women feel elegant, smart, feminine… and utterly fabulous! Haute Couture is my passion. In my free time I read books, make own garments or sail together with my husband.
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