New fabric new challenge

see green Chanel like fabric for summer dress

I promised myself to first finish started projects and buy fabric after I am ready. But I could not resist. I came across this online shop with fabrics and notions and I fall in love with it. So I ordered it – together with suggested threads and zipper. Nice service.

Saturday came package from TEXTIELSTAD  with my new challenge. It is Zomer Chanel Zeegroen (Summer Chanel See green). I have noticed that the name Chanel is used for type of fabrics which are loose wove. It consists of Cotton 17%, Polyacryl 4%, Polyester 29% and Viscose 50%. It is perfect for a little summer dress. Well… summers in the Netherlands are not so warm so it should be perfect.

Lining Opal green Venezia for summer dress

Of course I will need lining as well together with threads. These I ordered as well from the TEXTIELSTAD. I cannot wait to start sewing.