Here it is!

It took some time but here it is. I was hesitating if I should start blogging. I was visiting and I am still following a log of bloggers – sewing and/or vintage enthusiasts. I admire their skills, their creativity – and I wonder how they find time and energy …

As I wrote in my intro I am sewing for some time. I stopped for some time when I moved to The Netherlands however as it was not so easy to buy proper fitting garments here – most of the Dutch girls are much taller – I started sewing again.

And I am very glad I did it. I missed it. Sewing is for me a therapy.

Why Lenarciak? Lenarciak is the surname of my grandfather who was men’s tailor. Thanks to him my mother and my aunt (older sister of my mother) where very creative as well. Non of them were sewing professionally. My mother was more knitting then sewing so we (I and my sister) had always very modern sweatshirts, gloves, etc.. After my mother had bought her first sewing machine we started to sew.

My mother learned us small couture techniques she learn from her father, which I am still using.