Expected Unexpected Weekend in Poland

On Wednesday I went to my mother as she was schedule to have a surgery on Thursday. She was admitted to a hospital however she was send home few hours later. Well, it appeared she was taking medicines which made impossible to provide surgery – good communication and coordination between doctors.

Being almost at my mother place – when I heard this news – I decided to spend few day with her. It was closer to my mother then going back home.

I was only a little sorry I did not take with me the jacket I started to work on.


Next week on Wednesday I will go again to Poland.

By Red Point Tailor

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About Red Point Tailor

I am sewing enthusiast - houte couture is my passion. I am sharing here information on my couture projects, couture techniques, my challenges - up's and down's, my jewellery projects, fashion. My couture garments, jewellery and fashion accessories are inspired by Art Deco, 30's, 50’s.
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2 Responses to Expected Unexpected Weekend in Poland

  1. sewdooley says:

    I hope things go well with for your mother. Looking forward to seeing the jacket. It is beautiful fabric.

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