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What a wonderful idea! Take it easy in 2013 :-)

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We lay plans for the future. This is the year I’ll sew a coat! Next month I’ll learn how to knit! I’m going to make myself a work wardrobe/only use stash fabrics/conquer trousers. Then, something happens called life.

Well, no longer!

The problem with blog resolutions is that we’re answerable to no one other than ourselves. Readers aren’t going to admonish us if we don’t manage to churn out those six blouses we promised we’d make all the way back in January. Honestly, by the summer how many readers even remember what vows we once made? It’s all too easy to wriggle out of commitments.

Enter the 2013 Jar Of  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

I’m inviting people to leave a comment below with one Sewlution for 2013. Just the one. I’ll transcribe it onto a piece of paper with your name and add it to the jar…

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I am sewing enthusiast - houte couture is my passion. I am sharing here information on my couture projects, couture techniques, my challenges - up's and down's, my jewellery projects, fashion. My couture garments, jewellery and fashion accessories are inspired by Art Deco, 30's, 50’s.
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